Travel Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Prices vary greatly between insurance companies depending on whether you need an annual travel policy or a single holiday policy.

I've heard the Government puts tax on holiday insurance. Is this true?

It is true, at a rate of 17.5% per policy or premium.

Will my high blood pressure affect my cover?

It is improbable that your policy will cover medical conditions that are present at the point of buying a policy. Medical or mental health sufferers should read their policy carefully to check the level of coverage.

I'm aware that American medical treatment is very expensive. Would my insurance still protect me?

Yes, most travel insurance policies provide a minimum £2.5 million worth of medical expenses cover.

I'm soon to be trying abseiling on an adventure holiday. Will I be covered for such activities?

You may not be insured for this unless you take out additional cover for dangerous sports and pastimes such as abseiling or hand gliding.

Would my insurance replace a lost camera?

In most cases, claims are paid at the respective value of the goods at the time when they were lost. For instance a brand new camera that is lost a day later would only have a second hand value. Claims are not paid at replacement cost and you may have to pay towards the cost of the claim (excess) and you will subject to a maximum upper limit per article.

When taking expensive items on excursions you're advised to check that you have significant cover. This may even be provided under your home contents policy.

If I'm swimming in the sea and have left valuable items on the beach that are stolen, am I covered?

Leaving valuable items unattended is an invitation to thieves. Remember thieves are opportunists. You should act as if your belongings are uninsured as you may not be covered should these events occur.