Travel Insurance - Seven Golden Questions

Ask your insurer the following unless you are certain of the answers

  • Who is the insurer?

  • Will I have to bear any part of the cost if I make a claim?

  • Are my family and I subject to any exclusions or restrictions in my policy?

  • Will there be any additional charges on my premium and if so why?

  • If I provide some information that may be inaccurate, what will happen?

  • If I find a problem with my insurance, how do I complain?

  • Are you 100% certain this is the right policy for me?

Information that insurers should provide you with

When making claims for lost possessions you should be told whether they will be met on an existing value (indemnity) basis only or 'new for old'.

Exclusions to cover will be found on a number of levels on most policies. Among the more important are exclusions for pre-existing health conditions and hazardous activities.

Most policies have limits on the amount of cover for some items such as a maximum value for a piece of jewellery and for jewellery as a whole.

You should be told that your protection could be lost if you do not take care of your belongings at all times. A good example is that many policies exclude theft from unattended vehicles, unless the property is locked in the boot or glove compartment.