Car Insurance Quote Cost Reduction Tips

How do we reduce the cost?

Firstly remember this, if the quote we give you is not the lowest you have found, please call us on 0870 6062805 (local rate) and we will talk it through to find a suitable arrangement.

Secondly, we cut the cost by reducing most of the administration fees that would apply for an offline quotation, but more importantly we access the best quote from over 450 policies provided by 14 of the UK's leading providers.

Cost reduction tips

Did you know that over 50% of people with garages never put their vehicles in them? So if you live in a high risk or busy area, consider all the possibilities of leaving your vehicle in a garage overnight or at the very least increase the level of security on your vehicle.

If you drive your vehicle or use your vehicle to work, contemplate the alternatives of public transport or using a company vehicle for work purposes. A garaged vehicle during the day reduces your premium.

If your vehicle is garaged, regardless of where you live, your premiums can be significantly reduced.

When purchasing a vehicle, it is worthwhile assessing the cost of replacement parts and maintenance, as this will affect the cost of premiums.

All things considered, there may still be little that can be done to reduce your costs and on no account should you withhold information or give false information as in the result of a claim you will find your insurance becomes invalid and you could be liable to huge costs. Listed below are further routes to cost reduction.

Do you have the correct level of cover for your vehicle?

If the trade value is not high then it may be worth going for Third Party Fire and Theft cover as opposed to Fully Comprehensive. To find out the trade value of your car visit a site such as Remember all insurance companies pay out at around this price so weigh it up against the cost of your premium.

Following this theory you may believe that it could save you even more money by opting out of Third Party Fire and Theft and simply covering your vehicle for Third Party damage only (the minimum legal requirement under UK law).

This is not always the case, it may be worth checking but always ask for a quote with fire and theft as well. The reason you may get a lower quote for Third Party, Fire and Theft than for Third Party is because only a limited number of insurance companies offer Third Party only. The best thing to do is see how much the prices vary between the different levels of cover before making up your mind on which is best for you.

What is the highest level of excess charge you can afford to pay?

If you opt to pay for the first £100 or £150 instead of the first £50 you can reduce the cost of your insurance. This indicates you are unlikely to make smaller claims and will only need assistance from your insurance company in the event of a major claim.

Can you restrict your cover to named Drivers?

If you insure your vehicle for anyone to drive the cost will be understandably higher. The only instance where this may not be the case is if a lot of your named drivers are young and inexperienced, in which case it may be better to insure for all drivers.

Do you really need a hire car if your vehicle goes in for repair?

If you could possibly make do with public transport or lifts from family and friends for a few days then opting for a policy that does not provide a hire car will reduce your quote.

Can you live without those additional products that insurance companies offer?

Think very carefully about if you really need them. Extra perks can mean higher policies.

Have you built up more than 4 years no claims bonus?

You should consider protecting it.

Is this your first car?

You may not have any No claims bonus, but check for special introductory offers.

Are you a company car driver? Are you buying your first car after years of company car driving?

If so please call and tell us (0870 6062805 local rate) we will take into consideration your history as a company car driver, in some cases reducing your insurance quote quite considerably.

Need a reminder about that policy renewal?

We will email you an up to date quote but more importantly call us if for any reason you are not happy with your quote.