Car Insurance - Seven Golden Questions

Ask your insurer the following unless you are certain of the answers

  • Who is the insurer?

  • Will I have to bear any amount of the cost if I make a claim?

  • Are my family and I subject to any exclusions or restrictions in my policy?

  • Will there be any additional charges on my premium and if so why?

  • If I provide some information that may be inaccurate, what will happen?

  • If I find a problem with my insurance, how do I complain?

  • Are you 100% certain this is the right policy for me?

Information that insurers should provide you with

The sort of policy you are buying, although policies differ from company to company they are commonly known as:

  • Third party only

  • Third party fire and theft

  • (Fully) comprehensive

You should also be made aware of the types of usage your vehicle is covered, e.g. business, social, domestic and pleasure purposes.

When purchasing ULR (uninsured loss recovery) which is extra cover you can add to a policy, you need to know what your upper limit is in pounds and that it is definitely provided by a named insurance company and which one.